securing the frontlines of our democracy

Cybersecurity for State Leaders is an initiative driven by NCC, supported by Google, to train all 50 state legislatures on cybersecurity best practices. This program aims to educate state lawmakers and staff on ways to strengthen defenses against digital attacks. 

A 50-state initiative to empower

Cybersecurity is more important than ever. Elected officials face a growing number of challenges and threats from bad actors online. That is why it is necessary to ensure legislators are well versed on the ways in which they can protect themselves from cyber attacks. 

Bad actors seek to compromise the U.S.’s democratic institutions through a wide array of potential cyber attacks. By training state lawmakers, this initiative takes training directly to the frontlines of our democracy and ensures legislators are well versed on the threat environment as well as how to mitigate and protect against potential attacks.

The curriculum

The nationwide training curriculum will prepare lawmakers and statehouse staff to be vigilant against cyber threats by offering a deep dive into:

Don’t get d.u.p.e.d.

Deploy Multi-Factor Authentication
Update your software
Passwords must be strong
Encrypt your files
Don’t click on things you shouldn’t

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