The Briefings

A glance at the curriculum

Cybersecurity is one of the most important issues facing our nation. In our increasingly digitized world, where most people rely on technology to get through the day, Americans are more vulnerable to cyber attacks than ever before.

By educating state legislators – the frontlines of our democracy – on cybersecurity best practices, we are defending against potential attacks.

The ecosystem
of cybersecurity

The briefing begins with covering what cybersecurity is, and why it matters. We invite guests from across the business and political spectrums to speak about state and local system attacks, small and large business attacks, and elections and campaign security. There is hope, and through the training you will be set up to be a strong defense against cyber attacks – both personally and for your state.

Why and how Cyber
attacks work

During this portion of the training, we describe the most common attacks and the vulnerabilities they exploit. Our team showcases how larger systems can get attacked, why these attacks succeed, and what types of organizations they address in terms of DoS and DDoS attacks. We give you simple steps to protect yourself and your state from data breaches, password attacks, SIM swapping, and phishing attempts.

How to protect

The final piece of the briefing is to connect easy steps to protect yourself and your state from attacks. We use our proprietary tagline “Don’t Get D.U.P.E.D”.
Deploy multi-factor authentication
Update your software
Password safety
Encrypt your files and messages
Don’t click things you shouldn’t

The Cybersecurity for State Leaders Briefing features live sessions in all 50 states.